Plyometrics and dynamic impact exercises are a great way to incorporate all of your summer and autumn strength work into a more functional and explosive mode of training. I love this stuff, but it relies on your foundation strength and stability in your lower limbs to be in pretty good shape.These exercises help to improve proprioception, musculo-tendinous tolerance and biomechanical coordination.

Although I am a fan of pretty much any type of exercise, if you are going to be getting out on the running track, tennis court, surfboard, wakeboard, or on the snow, these exercises will give you an extra boost and allow your body to gain condition effectively.

I don’t tend to encourage a huge amount of this approach to training as the impact and forces can be potentially irritating. That means once or twice a week is enough in my opinion, unless you have a more specific goal in mind. I always recommend getting some more specific guidelines if you have more specific goals.

Otherwise, try your hand (or leg) at these for 2 sets of 8 – 10 of each to get a feel of what it takes to control impact, shock absorption and balance.

  1. Box Jumps

A great way to build your explosive strength as well as challenging yourself in a new dimension.

Judge the box height for your capability.

box jump up

box jump down2. Single Leg Jump Down

This is a great one for those in dynamic activities that require single leg landing from height. Basketball, Tennis, Skiing and even Running can all benefit from some shock absorption and balance control. Land on your mid to rear foot and ensure your knee and hip help to absorb the shock.

Judge the box height based on your ability.

boxdown single leg

3. Box Jumps to Bosu Ball

Not for the faint hearted or those with knee pain! This is a higher level exercise which requires a bit of practice but is brilliant for those on unstable surfaces such as snow or water.

box to bosu

4. Lateral Bosu Jumps

A great exercise for skiiers to assist with side to side control and changing surfaces. You can opt to land on the bosu with both feet, or for a greater challenge, only on one leg.

lateral bosu jump

Enjoy and take care!

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