Like most Perth based snow riders, I relish the opportunity to get into the snow. It’s been a fascination of mine for years and it still makes me grin ear to ear whenever I see it. Also, as like most of us, I don’t get to spend nearly as much time as I would like to in the snow each year.


The general demands of life and running businesses mean that i have the option of either one trip per year over a couple of weeks, or more than one trip, each being short, hard and fast. That is generally the option I take, which means that time on the snow is limited and optimising that is critical for the trip.

Therefore, giving myself the best opportunity to get amongst it whilst reducing my injury risk is really important. Of course, we all have different goals and demands when we travel. There are different priorities, time frames, costs and situations for each of us, but one thing remains constant. Preparing your body for your trip, and keeping it in the best shape possible whilst on your trip, will give you a much better chance of getting the most out of your trip.

This is what my recent 5 day trip to Queenstown looked like, which I try to do each year;

  1. Depart Perth 11:45pm Thursday and arrive Queenstown 2:15pm Friday
  2. Business meeting at 4pm Friday
  3. Coronet Peak Night session 6:30-9pm Friday
  4. Saturday Remarkables 7am to spend time with the Alpine Ski Team and ride until 2pm
  5. Recovery Run Saturday Afternoon
  6. Dinner Meeting Saturday Night
  7. 7am Pick up for Heli Ski Adventure Returning to Queenstown at 5pm
  8. Monday morning Recovery Run and meetings
  9. Coronet Peak Session 12-4 Monday
  10. Business meetings Monday evening until 10pm
  11. Tuesday Morning Meetings, recovery and Departure to the airport


It can be a fairly full schedule, which can add more fatigue to the already present travel and jet lag quota. So here are some of my favourite tips to get through it;



Make sure you are Ski Fit before you travel! —> Find out how here


Ensure you have decent equipment. If you are taking your own, make sure it’s tuned. Check in at Mainpeak for that. If you are hiring, get the good stuff. It’s not that much more expensive and it can make life a lot easier. In Queenstown, I also rely on Torpedo7.



Arrange decent accommodation. Now this doesn’t have to mean expensive, I’m talking about a good bed where you can rest well. Our Partner Synergy Travel arranged for me to stay here for the trip. A modest and affordable accommodation but wow, the bed was awesome! I slept so well every night and that is priceless. The service was also as good as I’ve had in the world.



Hydrate! Do it on the plane, do it in the hotel, do it on the mountain! It is so beneficial.


Warm up each day. Take 15 minutes each morning and give your body a good start to the day. It will love you for it. Check out these easy to follow stretches here

Hip flexor stretch


Listen to your body. If it is tired, rest, if you are questioning that last run of the day, consider erring on the side of caution. International Health Care can cost a wee bit!



Think about what you’re putting in your body. It’s important to have a good time on your trip of course. It can’t all be business. But if you are expecting a lot out of your body in a demanding environment, it is worth fuelling it and caring for it well



Recover. Take a bit of time at the end of your session to recover. Let your body have a breather, or relative breather. For me that means running, for you, it could mean something different. Listen to your body again and if it needs some help, find one of our partners and check in.



For any further tips, get in touch!